With the combination of ultra-modern expertise and unmatched professionalism, we help you achieve your goals with a blend of a results-driven, minimum-waste, and an environmental-friendly approach.

Environmental Drilling Services

Geocentric Drilling’s professional approach to subsurface investigations include:

  • Continuous Soil sampling
  • Installation of monitoring wells
  •  Dual & Triple Nested wells

2″ wells up to 800′ bgs
4″ wells up to 500′ bgs
6″ wells up to 400′ bgs

We deploy the best drilling practices and you can have confidence knowing that our team has both hands-on experience and the certifications needed for any of your projects regardless of your site condition.

Our drilling techniques and setup  can be a cost-saver and assist you with results in a minimal amount of time.

Geotechnical Drilling Services

Geocentric Drilling combines the advantages of Sonic drilling with Conventional geotechnical sampling to provide our geotechnical clients the best of both worlds. Obtain high quality Sonic cores and take SPT or Shelby tube samples from the same borehole. Our Sonic rigs are set up at the factory to run high efficiency auto hammers. This allows our clients to save costs and obtain accurate information all with one rig.

Drilling Services

At Geocentric Drilling we are committed to keeping up with the latest technologies and providing modern equipment. With our advanced sonic drilling techniques and rigs, we obtain soil cores, set wells, and multiple instruments at a rate of 3 to 5 times faster than conventional drilling with a fraction of the waste generated. We take every essential step that is needed to drive your project to completion.

Site Remediation

In the full-to-brimming environmental industry, are you tired of acquiring services from multiple companies but never experiencing the desired results? Geocentric Drilling pleasantly welcomes you at our doorstep.

Our remediation services start with understanding your preferences and the goals and objectives you hope to achieve. After that, we scrutinize which of our conventional to high-resolution characterization technologies would best suit your project. Combined with our experienced field operators and 3D design support, we transform your contaminated products into high-quality resources.